Hash cabbage


We are hash cabbage


An improvisational rock band based out of New Orleans, LA.

Founded in 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Hash Cabbage has an eclectic sound with a variety of influences from southern rock, improvisational jazz, reggae, funk, outlaw country all the way to surreal psychedelia. Rooted in both rock improv and traditional singer/songwriter structure, Hash Cabbage proudly admits that it doesn't fully fall into any particular subgenre and skates on the edges of many.


Vocals, Guitar / Kenny “Jeff” Jefferson

Lead Guitar / Kyle Bonasso

Keyboard / Nathan Ruhl

Bass / Rob Hinson




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Hash Cabbage

by Hash Cabbage

 Hash Cabbage Album Review

What’s this? Hash what now? Are these guys referring to a hash made out of cabbage or profits made off of selling hash? No matter. These exceedingly mellow jambanders have the atmosphere down pat: a stew of reggae (an option for too few jam bands), smooth soul and funk, and cool jazz...

— Robert Fontenot, OffBeat Magazine

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